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Tamar Korn


Tamar Korn

Tamar Korn's distinctive yet classic vocal sound flows easily through old time Americana, Bluegrass, or Yiddish traditionals, all the way to Hot Jazz and Swing. Her love is of singing songs both lyrically as well as playing her voice "instrumentally" with an unsurpassed ability to match the timbres of surrounding horns, fiddles, or percussion. Tamar invites both the musicians and audience in the room to be her collaborators, playfully sharing in the creation and joy of the music making. From the sometimes raucous energy of Sister Rosetta Tharp’s spiritual “Up Above My Head,” to a reverent nod to Patsy Cline with “Crazy,” or a spare and poignant “Stardust,” the result is always magical.   

Tamar's formative years were with one of the pioneers of New York hot jazz revival, The Cangelosi Cards, and she now leads her own band, A Kornucopia. Tamar is a founding member of both The Brain Cloud and The Grand St. Stompers and on occasion joins the violinist Mark O'Connor as well as Irish folklorist and tenor banjo and bouzouki player Mick Moloney.

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"Korn delivered...eyes closed, wistful and pensive, opening a door into another world, letting that world slip in, and the audience slip out into it. 

Korn’s high soprano is instantly recognizable, with a little mist and a little smoke – jaunty wit notwithstanding, her not-so-secret weapon is nuance."

new york music daily


"...when the full range of her subtle musical imagination takes over hot jazz in particular, to some listeners it seems that she succeeds in raising again—and in answering—a basic yet neglected question: what is jazz music anyway, and tomorrow what might it become?"

 - molly mcquade, observer


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