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Emily Asher’s Garden Party

"Simply extraordinary hot jazz played by some of the finest young musicians devoted to keeping this music alive today." 

Ricky Riccardi 

Louis Armstrong Biographer

The Ladybugs

“The Ladybugs’ refreshing sound and smart interpretations of early jazz tunes come as something of a revelation: light popular music from the early 1900s still has the power to enchant …”

The New York City Jazz Record 

The New Wonders

“Mike Davis… appeared to have emerged from a time portal from the year 1927.” 

- downbeat magazine

The Lovestruck Balladeers

“The absolute high point of the festival for me was a set by the recently formed Lovestruck Balladeers.”

Jim Motavalli


Tamar Korn

Korn’s high soprano is instantly recognizable, with a little mist and a little smoke – jaunty wit notwithstanding, her not-so-secret weapon is nuance."

New York Music Daily