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Noble + Wylie represents the highest quality performers specializing in fun, sophisticated, and crowd-pleasing traditional jazz, including New Orleans-style hot jazz, ragtime, and early swing. These early popular music styles created the dynamic soundtrack for American culture in the first half of the 20th century.

Today, traditional jazz is exceptional in its ability to delight in every context and venue, from symphony halls to speakeasies, and festival main stages to intimate wedding celebrations.

We work collaboratively to provide our clients with extraordinary music, always offering outstanding service and fairness both to presenters and the artists we represent.



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From our Founder

For years my job title was Trombonist, Singer, and Educator. I grew into Bandleader, Arranger, and Composer. Gradually I was also wearing the hats of Booking Agent, Tour Manager, Business Manager, Record Producer, Publicist, Driver and Entrepreneur. When all the hats began to obstruct my view of the music, I realized that it was time to reach out for support. Every book on “how to be a successful musician” describes the process of hiring a management team one member at a time; the arduous process of researching, interviewing and taking a risk on each manager, agent, publicist, etc… While observing and talking to other musicians I admired, I began to wonder why each of us must assemble a separate team. Couldn’t we share resources and streamline the process? Knowing so keenly what help I wished for and what support I could personally contribute, I founded Noble + Wylie as a support system to be shared by a collection of hand-picked extraordinary musicians.

I see Noble + Wylie as an agency which elevates and celebrates excellence. By focusing on honesty and quality over chaos and hype, I look forward to fostering long-term positive relationships with diverse music venues, festivals, schools, and private clients in order to provide distinctive and creative music to audiences world-wide.

Looking forward,
Emily Asher



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emily asher, managing director

Emily connects clients with high musical standards to superb musicians. Throughout her career as a successful soloist, band leader, educator, and former agent for Columbia Artists, she has been the catalyst for dynamic performances in the U.S., Europe, and The Middle East. Emily's tested leadership and keen musical instincts have earned her the respect of both industry professionals and her musical colleagues; she now offers that experience and integrity to Noble + Wylie clients.


Katie lee, Co-Director

Katie Lee never planned to become a full-time musician. She also never planned to diverge from that path and dive deep into the world of software development and consulting. But she's done both of those things, and many more. Her attention to detail, willingness to learn, and expertise in building genuine and lasting relationships has enabled her to wear many hats (and wear them well) in each of her roles. Proud to be part of a female-run business, Katie brings compassionate professionalism and creative curiosity to her work at Noble + Wylie.



are Noble + Wylie?

Wylie Warren Curry’s portrait of daughter  Jean Maxwell Curry

Wylie Warren Curry’s portrait of daughter Jean Maxwell Curry

Born in Ohio on the brink of the 20th century, brothers Noble and Wylie Curry were classically trained artists who served two contrasting worlds. A jobbing designer for the thriving industrial age, Wylie served its artistic needs devotedly with stylish, precise product design as an illustrator and graphic artist.

Noble, after working as an Army platoon artist in Europe during World War I, found deep satisfaction in painting, drawing and printmaking as he passionately followed his creative muse. He was accepted as a WPA artist during the Depression. His work was widely exhibited during the mid-century.

Together, the brothers’ life work represents creative service at its best: expertise, virtuosity, and purpose. 

Both men continued to draw and paint until the end of their long lives. Wylie Warren Curry was the great-grandfather of Emily Asher. To read further about the two brothers, please visit this site: www.currybrothersart.com